On this page, I have placed all the quotations from employers that said about myself and my work in the media arena. These experiences have been a prerequisite of my Media and Communication degree at Birmingham City University. Within this degree, there is a minimum hourly requirement of work experience that a student must complete to venture onto the next year.

For the first year (2012) I worked for the Student Services department of Birmingham City University in which they ask me to create various promotional videos for the recruitment fairs that run for the different faculties at the university for graduates.


This experience was a good starter for my new media CV and gave me the opportunity to know, first hand, what it is like to work for a client with specific needs. The opportunity was also a spring board for the placements I did later in the second year.

Over the summer, I got in contact with a company called BlocBeatz through a mutual student friend. This company is a Independent House music label and is trying to promote it’s music over a broad number of media platforms. My Job was to host and maintain the Youtube Channel whilst creating new content for this media platform.  Here is what they had to say after I completed my tenure at this company.

“James is highly enthusiastic and very eager to apply his skills. Works well in a team and very resourceful and imaginative, was a pleasure working with him.”  – Alan Law – Label Manager

This work experience allowed me to apply my skills learnt in the first year to a real time client and adjusting to there needs. They allowed mr to be more creative with my work and It was a pleasure to know that my skills were appreciated.

During working for BlocBeatz, an oppountity arose to work for the BBC for a filming project. The BBC needed students to create various VT packages for the West Midlands Community Sport Awards and it entailed teams to go out into the community and film various projects for the awards.

Established BBC producer, Andy Knowles, gave me a glowing reference and I had the chance to go round the BBC studios at the Mailbox in Birmingham.

“James was part of a two-man team tasked with filming three subject matters for the West Midlands Community Sports Awards – Old Silhillians Hockey Club in Solihull, Alan Hill, the Staffordshire Cricket Coach, and Stafford Netball Club. All offered different challenges for filming – particularly since Alan Hill wasn’t even in the country! James kept me informed as to the progress he’d made in setting up the filming, and duly delivered the material on time. He duly provided me with plenty of material on all three subjects, and clearly displayed a “good eye” for a shot and demonstrated innovation and initiative, throughout. He was also extremely keen to learn from others when shown around the BBC, holding learned and informative conversations with the BBC’s technical teams.”

Using my contacts from BlocBeatz, I secured a day’s filming in which I must of covered a conference for a media company who specialises in the SEO and Internet Marketing techniques. The filming was a great success and gave the me the opportunity to manage a multi camera shoot.

“James was very professional and did a great job ensuring all presentations were recorded. He dealt with some technical issues caused by the venue’s sound very well and adapted his approach accordingly. Being unobtrusive was critical with a lot of ClickThrough’s big clients (Halfords, Dunelm Mill, Peugeot, Centre Parks) being in attendance. His conduct and work was perfect for the corporate environment.” – Richard Chapman – Conversion and analytics manager, Clickthrough Marketing.

With my CV and portfolio growing, I seized on the opportunity to expand my contacts within the local area. One such company was Little Miss Creative who needed young media creatives to provide content for there international website. Having worked with them on a few projects, they had this to say about me,

“James is a friendly and professional individual, who is clearly passionate about his work. It was a pleasure to work with him, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the final production of the video he had filmed for us. We look forward to working with him again.” – Selina Brown CEO

Also within this time, I returned to do some work for the Student Services department at Birmingham City University. The department need a short video for students to receive tips on how to prepare for recruitment fairs, which was an extension of what I did for them in the first year. This new experience shows that my work is of a quality that slients see has good stuff and return to myself to do a good job.


During March, I had the opportunity to work for CC-Lab who were creating content for Soccer AM. This all happened in Birmingham’s Futsal Arena where the regional finals for said sport   were being held and filmed for the show. The day was a bust one with a LOT of heavy lifting and this is what the production Manager – Fleur Smith had to say about my performance on the day,

“James was actually hired by the TV arm of the company as a production runner, however he jumped in continuously as set builder, stage crew and general production support throughout the entire production build.

James is an incredibly helpful & aware person to have in your team. He is willing to do jump into any given task, however random in this particular production we were doing on Sunday.

 I’m the Event Director with over 20 years experience and it’s lovely to have people that are not only willing, with good use of common sense but who are also able to achieve this with a smile on their face. This is very important when working long hours.”








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