At Birmingham City University, I have started learning about media culture and how media producers use media theory to produce content for the public to consume. The course has helped me look into the media in depth and recognise that content is engineered to meet a need of the audience. I have also looked into the history of television and how ideologies of the years since the conception of broadcast channels have affected it’s content.

For most of time at Birmingham, I have been research primarily in gender and how it is represented on screen. The formulation of cultural familiarity in which Stuart Hall theorises about helps and hinders gender on screen. With certain demographics, genders and classes who follow a certain pattern of life, they expect certain things from there television content. The historical ideologies can be broken by the theories of Judith Butler when she says that ‘Gender is just a series of acts’. This principle cakes into practice when looking at the female role in sports presenting in which women must take on the role of men to survive and thrive within a career of sports broadcasting and also to gain the trust of the audience member.

Looking into the next module, I choose to see how gender within the Martial Arts genre is defined. My research found some interesting avenues and theories including how the genre defined itself historically. The notion of traditional chinese tales of men and some of which were of chivalrous virtue crossed into the film arena and made stars of it’s actors such as Bruce Lee. These stories had both genders fairly represented traditionally but when the move to the global film market, the genre evolved into more masculine routes. So martial arts stars had to be redefined for a global audience so they could come to terms  what they saw on screen.

As part of the Media and Communications degree at Birmingham City University, We will have present our research in the form of a poster and talk about it to fellow theorist. Here is mine….


This also includes the look into the gender representations in cookery shows which I plan to do something about in my dissertation but I will post more about this in coming months.



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