What happened over summer?

The times I had over summer were a maniac time. No activities of fun until I started filming. Work, WOrk, and added work.

When that came to an end, the next step on the timelapse journey took me to Kettering in which I took several photos graphs to make a video. Well, saying that now, no one would give me permission (which was rubbish)  and the only ones who would give me permission were Wicksteed Park. So this is the timelapse video I did for them. The whole thing was shot on my Canon 650D and I took 2000 photos.

Next I used Lightroom to colorgrade and photoshop to arrange them into sequences to create the timelapse .mov’s. I am happy to a point and this only proved to me a few things.

Firstly, the time between each shot is dependent on the speed of the subject and sometimes doing 1 shot a sec isn’t fast enough. Next time I will do 4fps depending on what I am shooting.

I plan now to do the same in Birmingham and continue on the the journey to a BA Hons.

Since being back at university, I have a few jobs on the go. Editing for SPGTV, Bloc Beatz and Student services but I want to get into an internship. I will keep you posted.