TV Studio Part 2

This blog post comes a little late because I didn’t have the files to show you an improvement in skill.

This week’s directed study class was the same of part one but roles were swapped, so instead of being a director, I moved to the left one position and became a vision mixer. A vision mixer is the next part in the chain in the TV studio environment that takes instructions from the director on what camera to ‘cut’ to, apply effects and run what the audience sees on screen. This is of great interest to me because of the technical aspect that this roles holds.

For more information on the role, check out the wonderful SkillSet Job Description.

This roles is where all the action is in my opinion and where all the roles within the television studio are centralised to. Doing this role gave me better skill, understanding and team working skills within the TV studio environment. It was very apparent that everyone is relying on you and vice versa and for the few minutes that I was on the desk pressing and pulling levers, you get a feeling of accomplishment when the shots and direction go well.

So judge for yourselves and have a look at these 2 takes done recently.