This wordpress site is dedicated to the work of myself, James Greig. Within these page is the blog of my media activities and my portfolio for browsing and download.

Currently, I am a mature student working at Birmingham City University studying Media and Communications, specialising in Television. I have started to a new career path so I can further staify my hunger for television, cinematography and editing. I have always had an interest in the media and feel that taking a step on the media career ladder can improve my understanding of the world around me. The media is all encompassing on this planet and you cannot go for 5 seconds by absorbing a piece of media that some has created. This proves that the most affective medium in the world is the media. Consumers look to media professionals for information, news, entertainment and education and being apart of this vast empire that affects so many in the world spurs myself on to achieve better things.

My short term goals for my final year is to complete all academic work required of me for the best degree I can get. My long term goals are to obtain an entry level position in a media company and dedicate my career to building a professional reputation for excellence.

I have always been interesting in looking  into the beauty of the world, taking the principles of photography and uses them to create interesting and beautiful cinematography pieces. The company has full use of industry standard equipment such as Sony Z7 and Z5′d and Canon DSLR cameras. I have also been using modern editing software such as Avid, Premier Pro, Photoshop and After Effects to enhance the viewing experience.

For my information on myself and my work, please click on the relevant tab and all the right material will be there.


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