What I have learnt this year….

So the second year at Birmingham City University has come to a close and so what have I learnt this year? Well this year, I changed to television and focused my time on the technical. Throughout the year, I have created content that has to have a professional feel to it and knowing what I know now, I wondered how I survived without this knowledge.

I am talking about lights, lenses, ISO etc etc.

The whole time I had been wondered about if I had high end specification gear, I could create professional quality material but I was relying on the automatic settings of this stuff but really what I should be doing is looking at the equipment I already have and properly learning the specific details and the craft of film making. This made sense when I started using DSLR cameras instead of Z7 and Z5 cameras. With the DSLR, you have more control over the device and not relying on the settings given to you. I have learnt the proper application of f stops, ISO, apertures and shutter speeds to create less noisy shots and proper HD quality camera work. I have also learnt how to light a scene through the use of red heads as well. I feel the knowledge I have obtained over the past 9 months will give me a solid grounding for what is going to happen in the 3rd and achieve some proper cinematic quality content.

I have also learnt the value of preparation to meet deadlines and achieve goals. My work schedule has stepped up a gear in this second year and opportunities have been competitive for all the media students so preparing for all aspects of this new career has heaped me in so many ways. My time management has greatly improved as well as my researching and how I source information. Each research report or essay I have had to complete has to have a certain amount of academic hours behind it so planning each moment of each day to complete it has helped me and set up a schedule to get this done on time. This year hasn’t been easy to say the least but it has forced me to change my work ethic and achieve good things through what I am learning at university.


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