Into The Future Evaluation

For the module MED5103 Professional Media Practice, we had to create and participate in a media-networking event which was named ‘Into the Future’ to enhance our networking skills.


For the event itself, I was assigned to guest management in which I had to deal with speakers for the event as well as members of the industry who took an interest in attending. I decided to use my contacts within the industry to secure someone who can inspire and talk about the future of media. I had been working for Little Miss Creative for several months and invited Selina Brown to talk about her company. I knew that she was on the look out for new media talent and so I told her to engage with students to improve their networking skills. This process of linking with people via networking expands the confidence of the student and helps them find work or experience with the given company. Many students returned to me on the day and commended me for bringing Selina along and they were passing on their CV to Little Miss Creative so they can gain work experience from her company.

For the next part of the event, I had to create a poster that shows my research over the past 2 years while at Birmingham City University.


During this time, I had been looking into the various ways gender has been presented in the media. I collated 3 areas of interest of which I had completed reports for and displayed them under a unifying message of “How gender is represented on screen?”. I feel that having a poster that has a general title and an eye catching theme would draw people into conversation about the poster and my theory work. I also re-read all the topics covered in my poster so that when the time came, I would speak with confidence and potentially impress the readers of the poster. I also found that leaving my contact details on the poster would help viewers reach me if I wasn’t there and help them engage more with work online via my portfolio. Having a place to advertise myself at this event helped me boost the engagement with my online profile and I will continue to do this in the future.

My contribution on the day was to ensure the safe arrival and hospitality of Selina during the day. I made her aware of all the events that were happening on the day and provided her with information. This showed a professionalism, which reinforced her impression of the students at the university.


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