TV Studio (Final)

This is the final blog post about the TV Studio module I had to do as part of the course at Birmingham City University.

Within this part of the course, I had picked a couple of roles in which I could use my skills to the fullest.

First of all, I decided on the role of ‘Head of Music’. This meant I was responsible for all the music commissioning and creating for the final show. I researched into the processes and identification of how music defines a show. I found out that the main theme defines the start and end of a show with audiences using it as a buffer to go and do other things such as eat or prepare a hot dink whilst the music plays. The identification with the music must also reflect the demographic that the show is targeted towards.

As the final show was a youth based factual show about the internet news and goings on, I decided to make a purely electronic theme tune which could be desiminated into various lengths for inclusion into key parts of the show such as main titles and into break segments. I used a electronic sequencer called a Tenori-On to develop the music and then break it down into various component parts so that titles, ad breaks and programme list graphic could be made matching the music.

I found out though that making all the music myself would be very time consuming and vast so I looked into the process of music commissioning. This would lighten the load and hopefully would not be expensive.


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