TV Drama (Final)

So here it is…

This post should has been coming for the last few weeks but the final piece hasn’t been uploaded to youtube yet so I waited until now.

The drama piece that we created was ‘Checkmate, a original production that had so many elements that we had learnt over the past few weeks. The piece depicts a man’s attempt to cover over the murder of his mistress. The main conflict comes from the scene featuring him in a police interview situation ‘lying’ to the officer. The story then unfolds via flashbacks to a conclusion of murder.

My final role within this drama was cameraman/editor. There were two main production days with pickups at other dates. The time I had with the cameras was enjoyable and I applied more advanced knowledge that I was taught by the tutors and through other online sources.

The main thing that I learnt over the weeks is Lighting and lens. The fact that we have control over lighting and it can be used to dramatic effect was the one of the things I got from practicing the tutorlage of this course. Also, the type of lens that you use has a effect on the lighting and general quality.

With this in mind, I have learned how to gauge and set up lights for a location and studio shoot. The studio lights were wide and varied so set up time was the most consuming of the process. We tried to achieve a darkish atmosphere with the shadow of the police officer being cast on to the main actors presence to define that she is always watching him. I wanted to try various other techniques such as pans and tracks with the cameras. The camera within the studio was easy to use for these processes and doing the eventual track was easy to do.

The location scenes had less light to control then the studio shoots. Once again (and I must get used to this) Stability was a problem.

When I sway stability, my insistence on not using a tripod will be the death of me…..having seen the rushes, the camera is a little shaky. I have invested in a monopod so I will not be leaving home without any form of stability device in the future.

On the location shoots, I learnt that using fast lens with a low f-stops gave me more lighting options then the usual kit lens that I use. The 18-55mm f4.5-F5.6 would not cut it so using a 50mm f1.8 gave me more light options.

The final effect you can see below so enjoy!






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