Proper TV work

Last weekend, I finally got some good TV work through social media. I joined a group for which they were looking for work in TV. One post came up for Birmingham and I applied. They were so impressed with my CV that they took me on for the day.

The shoot was for a segment within Soccer AM in which the sport of Futsal would be promoted. Futsal is traditionally  a version of 5-a side football in which the ball is smaller so the player must be more skilful with the ball. 

The shoot was with 2 companies, CC-Lab and We Make. These companies were looking for a runner for the day and boy was it tiring. The job had lifting, lifting and lifting but I learnt about technologies that are used everyday in the industry. I put together tracks for cameras, jibs for elevated shots and took apart scenery for the show to look good. Also, the attention to detail in regard to lights was remarkable. All erroneous light from outside was eliminated by Black cloth including on the roof. It was the Director who told me that you need to control the light on a shoot or else you lose a lot.

I found the experience a good one (if not tiring) and it is the running experience I needed to be included for my CV and go on to bigger and better things.



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