TV Studio Part 1

This week, I have been mostly looking into TV Studio practises to complete the module “TV magazine and Talk Shows”

This semester, we as a unit of 20 odd students must complete a 23 minute live studio piece in one take. This means making all the content that lies within. Having not done anything to do with TV studio for around 10 months, it was good to get back into the swing of directing again and realising how much I have forgotten over that time period.

Below is the first attempt at directing I have made.

The whole process in this environment is dependent on people working as a team and looking back at the footage, it is evident that I was forever chasing the conversation that was happening on screen. The director gives instructions to a vision mixer who presses the buttons to “cut” to a different camera in follow the conversation. I felt that me trying to follow the conversation and relaying the information to a vision mixer delayed the process but I have time to practise.


The studio I was practising is one of the most advanced in the UK and it is a privilege to actually work in an environment in which I want to move into for employment when I leave university. This studio is future proofed and features the latest technology which makes a techno nerd like myself dribble (but not on the equipment). Even the sound desk is used by the BBC on Strictly Come Dancing to mix the band.

This project will be hard work and I will pick you posted on what happens next.


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