Little Miss Creative

Just another post to highlight what I have been up to regarding work experience.

Just did a short video for a Birmingham company called Little Miss Creative. It was a behind the scenes video in which I had to capture the 18-34 year old women of Birmingham doing a advert for the new Little Miss Creative website.

It was done on the Saturday before the release of the website and the weather was horrible. It was the windiest conditions I have ever filmed in. This showed up on the raw files that I downloaded on the day after. (Seriously after 5 hours, all I wanted to do was get into bed) The shoot itself was looking at the emotions and business of the actual shoot. I think I captured  enough of the emotion in the raw files and in the final product.

It being windy on the day, I had to stabilise the shots somehow so I used a plugin called “Warp Stabilzer” that processes the shots and makes them more watchable. With the extreme conditions, The finals processed shots were VERY wavy. If I had more time, I would have bought a monopod with me but this placement was a little last thing. For future reference, I would certainly use stabilisation on the raw files.

The raw files were once again processed in Lightroom just to give a bit of definition to the foreground subjects and edited in Adobe Premier Pro. The titles were done in After Effects with a plugin called “Decode” and the background shots where extremely colour graded in Lightroom and “Gaussian Blur” was added to the mix as well.

Having learnt how to manipulate Photoshop files in After Effects the process of the initial reveal was easier then creating the logo myself.

Here is the final project.


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