The new semester starts…

So back to university for more fun and frolics..

This semester I have picked to TV Drama and TV Magazines and Chat Shows. This last module means I can finally get in touch with my inner director and starts producing my own TV show. Ever since last year, I have waited to get back into the TV studio and knowing that we have state of the art equipment to play around with is such a buzz.

Details of this equipment will be given out over the coming blog posts.

But to start with we have been going into TV drama to create a scene under the brief of Valentine’s Day. It was decided to make a 2 minute piece on a blind date in which two people meet for the first but we see there thoughts via speech bubbles.

We shot this on Thursday 30th January over an hour in the Birmingham City University green room. The scene had some establishing shots to create and some cutaways nut the main scenes used single camera technique of both actor’s delivering there lines to each other. This technique was introduced to at college and is how it happens in TV drama nowadays. We left a space for the speech bubbles to pop up and colour graded it. Examples below.

Color1 Color2

The original file (right) was colour graded in Adobe Lightroom with an effect that I had designed to give a more “Instagram” look and added warmth  to blueish scene (right) which is the raw file. Adobe Lightroom is great for adding colour graded effect en masse and I use it a lot for film and pictures to add depth or new muted colours to a shot. It is a shame that Adobe don’t cover this software in the Creative Cloud but it is still available to buy from Ebay.

Next I did a test in After Effects with the 3D camera tracker. This plugin plots the shot and give you markers in which you place the text, picture or movie. I have scene this employed in the latest series of Sherlock and I am desperate to get the raw material to play around with this feature. The first test is below…

The effect works will in this environment and with the newly graded footage, the letter stand out more.

Next we shall edit and then add the effects before submission.

I will continue to blog about this in future posts.


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