TimeOut Magazine

Over the weekend, I tried something new.

I have always been a fan of TimeOut London magazine and have an interest in the blog that runs in tandem to the publication. This cross media element has more content for the reader to consume and helps the audience to engage more in the content. Over the past few months, at university, we have been learning about the importance of cross media and how the audience invests more time in the content produced.

So I have been learning more about Adobe AfterEffects and there is a section on the blog called #WordOnTheStreet. This article looks into some of the strange things that are said on the streets of London. So i married the two together to create a new piece of media. I took inspiration from the short videos that Buzzfeed.com do and evolved the style of videos that they do into a style of my own. They also helped me source royalty free music on sound cloud to add depth to the piece.


I tweeted the blog boss and now it’s on the website being seen by thousands of people in London.


To see the inspiration for the video then clock this link.





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