TV Documentary

The next part of this blog discusses what I did and learnt from the TV documentary module at Birmingham City University.

This module’s final piece was to create a documentary from what we learnt over the 6 weeks in the workshops. The process was a long one discussing various techniques that are used in the TV documentary genre including narrative, interviews shots and look but one of the most useful parts was the discussion on documentaries that were being shown throughout the 6 weeks on television.

We looked at Body-shock documentaries, pieces about subcultures of society and expiatory documentaries about life as a student. Each one really followed a theme in which a presenter or voice over artist introduced a situation and was taken over by the action of the subject or theme. This process of making a documentary would be beneficial to making our final piece.

But now the DS tasks…

The only real DS taks of note (or that I can show you) is the tutorial video that was made in which we practised we camera and shooting techniques to make a short instructional video in which we explained how a tripod was put together.

The video link is below….

This video was filmed on the trusty warehouse of the 650D, graded slightly in Adobe Lightroom to bring out the shadows and mids about more and then edited (by myself) on Premier Pro. The video would take the premise of voice describing the action on screen. This was a process that had been discussed in the workshops prior to the filming. The audio was captured on the 650D and added to the edit later.

The title sequence that we used was created by myself in After Effects using a plugin called Sure Target which uses null layers to focus on the words in a 3D sequence. This process could be done manually but it would take along time to produce. The final video was praised for it’s simplicity and the choice of shots especially the pull focus in which extending the legs was described.

I enjoyed making all aspects of this video and think it is testament to the methods that I have learnt over the years in education.



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