TV Documentary Part 2

To come back to them, we decided to do a documentary on BlocBeatz and House music. This would be an exploratory documentary in which we look at the music industry and how people make money from music nowadays. The reasoning for this documentary and it’s focus was that contributors would be easy to get hold of and it’s a subject that is the focus of our target audience. To further explain that House music is a popular genre which inspires young people to buy music and start to create there own through remixes and DJing.

We wanted to have a youthful look to the piece so having researched the look of ‘youth’ documentaries, we found them to be colourful and have an urban look.

When I mean urban then I mean shots on the streets, urban decay, graffiti and modern cityscapes. The contributors were happily made contact with via BlocBeatz records and the recording process happened over the course of 2 weeks with the final weeks time being allocated to the editing process.

The role I took was Director and Editor which give me some creative control over the look, editing and VFX process. The result can be seen below.


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