Music Promotion Part 2

Next part in this franchise I call Music Promotion.

The next part was to finally do a music video. As you may or may not know, I currently work for a record called BlocBeatz ( I convinced them to firstly give us an artist to do a music video for and tie it into a cross media piece where a clothing brand would be promoted. The clothing brand was Disorder Boutique and they would provide t-shiorts for all talent to wear.

The shoot would just cover a basic amount of shots and we would try to create a ‘glitch effect’ that would match the music in post. This glitch effect would be achieved mainly by the Plugin – Twitch which is available for free at Video Co-Pilot. The rest of the effects would be added afterwards in post giving the video a pulse which matched the house music beat. All the permissions slips were signed and the location was released for our use. The custard factory has great graffiti backdrops and I would love to speak to the artists to see if I could do a time-lapse video of them painting.

Problems we had was the lack of involvement from the artist and model as in that they would not act any scene. So we were reliant on the post to make the video interesting. The camera used was my trusty 650D through a 18-50mm lens on a tripod, with the tripod being used as a steady cam when the walking and pans shots were filmed.

The result…

Things I would do again,

I would think more a concept for this video and hopefully add additions of a different scene but the artist and model were not available for any other shoots. This would make the video more interesting and have a different point of reference after the slow 360 pans.

and so concludes the franchise of Music Promo.


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