Now to get serious…

Looking back over the last semester of University, I didn’t really take this blog/website that seriously. This is to my detriment I must say but I have earn a hell of a lot since I last blogged.

The camera techniques I have evolved over the last 3 months have been invaluable in improving my CV and in fact, through work experience, I have gained a few more contacts as well.

So let’s start from the very beginning….

Since I last posted, I have did two production modules of which included Music TV Promo and TV Documentary. The final projects of these were to make content with a cross media piece. In this over saturated media world that we live in and consume everyday, media cannot be a standalone piece. Media must breed media to keep the consumer coming back for more, for example, How many shows do ou see nowadays with a twitter hashtag or website? The purpose of this to carry on the interest and allow the user to invest there time in the show and prove some ownership. Thios involvement infects the audience and allows retention and communication with users. This further broadens the audience and thus provides revenue and justification for the inclusion of the main content on air.

This is all very complicated…..

So let’s discuss what has been created….

Firstly Music Promo…

The first DS task that we had to do was a promo video for the park outside university. Here is my attempt.

I wanted to create something that was inviting but a bit mysterious also. The park itself is more used as a pass through point in which students get to there respective universities. The shoot was done on my Canon 650D with a 35-150mm lens with 25fps. When it came to the water fountain, I changed the fps to 50 so I could slow down the footage but still retain the sense and detail in the shot.

After the shoot, I continued with my experimentation with Adobe Lightroom to colour grade the batch of files together. I went for a colour which showed a warm out look and film burn transitions to add to the vintage look.

All these effects were added in Premier Pro CS6 and exported into a MP4 file for presentation.

The tools that Adobe gave me to complete this task really expands the creative process. The sheer scope of what can be done to make my vision come alive is brilliant and will continue to use this software from now on. 


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