Music Promotion…

Blog Posts can be long, I understand that now.

So when writing the last post, I realised that I should update this blog a section at a time. Things can bet boring otherwise.

The next main DS task for this module was to film an actual performance.

It was arranged for us to film a lady called Lobelia perform her cover of “Junk” by Paul McCartney. This shoot was arranged for us to learn about 3 point lighting and how to set up DSLR cameras properly. This process is documented on the BBC producers website. (Link Below)

Having set up the lighting, our tutor then told us the process in which you set the cameras properly. The camera that was used was a Canon 7D, a camera way more advanced then my 650D. The light metering process gave us the opportunity to play around with the ISO on the shoot.

Lobelia mimed to the track whilst 3 cameras caught the action. The process in my mind was that we needed a steady 2 shot and shots featuring Lobelia and the left and right hand of the screen. The track is quite melodic and soulful so it was discussed that slow fades from each shot would match the music.

This is the final result after being edited in Premier Pro CS6.




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