Next Steps

Well, I have finished work for the summer so what next?

I have been inspired by many videos in the past and would like to start making some more videos but with a twist.

This film inspired me, not for the case of the subject matter  but the techniques used to crete the effect. I only have a Canon 650D (not a 5D) but I have used my hard earned cash to expand my camera gear to include a timer!!!! (AntiClimax)

This will help to do time lapse videos but where?

I have decided to create one about the town in which I spend my time, Kettering. This town has more life e.g. people and cars which would be prefect for time-lapse and I will heading out tomorrow to do some test shots and so on.

I have already been out in the garden to make time lapse videos which can be seen here.

Attempt 1

Attempt 2