It’s been a while but….

Yes, I know it’s been a while but I have been busy over the last few weeks with working for the man and working for BlocBeatz so that my time has been editing, working, editing, working (with  some sleep in between). Now I have finished the first proper assignments for the label. First is a interview with Zombie Disco Squad. Nice guy and had a lot to say for the interview so that made it easy. The interview went smoothly and here is the results (standard stuff really) for his mixes.

Next, was the launch night of the BlocBeatz itself set in Digbeth near the Custard Factory. The club was the Warehouse and the light show was fantastic, one of the best I have seen for a while and the sound system was awesome. I wanted to do a promo video to help diversify my  portfolio a bit more and have something to show other night clubs to see if they want promo videos. I wanted to do something different then the usual “girls dancing” thing. So i was inspired by a blog post that the Social Media manager of Bloc Beatz did on  a local boutique.

This reminded me of this…

and so I wanted to create something like this..

and so I blended the 2 to get this….

I am happy with the results but I wish I could of added more CRT glitches like in the Kanye Video. I am gonna watch that again and figure out how to do it. Other then that, I have a meeting this saturday to figure out what we are doing over the next few weeks, so i’ll keep you posted.