Plans for the next few weeks….

I am currently making a video using my new 650D about the the village in which I am staying in over the next 3 months. The video will be a montage film like the others in the media section but a little longer. I have been taking shots of the village for the past few days now and I am pleased with some of the results. All I have to do is make some music and start editing it!

Just a selection of clips I took today.

I am trying to get my After Effects expereince up a bit and also my colot grading skills up as well, in the next few weeks I will be going to Kettering and trying to do the same thing there as well and doing some time lapse sequences at the local park (If they give me permission). I have a project which may go through which is a series of videos for the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra which will showcase the natural and conversational side of the group, talking about performances and trying to excite younger people to classical music.


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